Data Overview

Data collection

Fundamental to SONA is the collection of bio-acoustic data at single (38 kHz) and/or multiple frequencies (12, 18, 38, 70, 120, 200 and 333 kHz) from existing international vessel infrastructure (scientific research and commercial fishing vessels).

These vessels are on transit over regions of ecological and oceanic importance in the Southern Ocean. Project partners are signed up to SONA representing international logistic and fisheries vessels (through direct data sharing or via parallel data portals).

Data access strategy

SONA focusses on data sharing and making data fully accessible. All acoustic data held by SONA are managed by the host institutes but can be found through a fully searchable web interface.

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Data will be brought together in stages, by building the following databases:

South Atlantic Scientific database of acoustic backscatter (SAS)

The USA (NOAA), Norway (IMR) and the UK (BAS) have been committed to long term surveys of krill using acoustic methods at three mesoscale survey areas across the Scotia Sea.

SONA will unite these datasets in common formats and processing and fund a workshop to deliver a synthesis of current understanding of mid-trophic level variability in the South Atlantic sector of the Antarctic.

South Atlantic Opportunistic database of acoustic backscatter (SAO)

The Antarctic community has recognised the value of collecting and processing calibrated data on common principles (ICES, CCAMLR). BAS and the project partners will utilise transit opportunities (during logistic runs to Antarctic bases) to collect acoustic data to build up baseline maps of acoustic backscatter on common protocols.

It will utilise SONA collaborations and build new collaborations with the fishing industry (developed with project partners and CCAMLR to provide greater coverage of acoustic data across the South Atlantic). SONA will work with these communities to automate collection and processing in order to establish the long-term capability for an open-access acoustic database.

Southern Ocean dataBase of Acoustic backscatter (SOBA)

The project partners represent interests and data collection potentials within all sectors of the Southern Ocean. SONA will integrate the SAO with the IMOS database and other Antarctic sector data (e.g. Indian Ocean sector with IRD, France) to develop an open access Southern Ocean baseline acoustic dataset.